"Endurance Through Adversity" Collection

The "Endurance Through Adversity" Collection is born from my 2017 trekking amongst the oldest trees in the world, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine tees of middle California.  While meditating in the "Methuselah Grove", within the Ancient Forest, I asked what I should know.  The three words, "Endurance Through Adversity" came to me.  

Little did I know I would need these words ever so much after suffering a catastrophic, life-changing spinal cord injury two years later that left me without the ability to walk, much less hike into the wilderness that I so dearly loved to do.

As I struggle in therapy learning how to walk again, I remind myself again and again of these precious words.  They help me so much when I feel the pain and suffering that has come with this disability and I sincerely hope they will bring strength to you, too, when you need it most.  

Wear an "Endurance Through Adversity" shirt with pride and help others to remember they can be strong and endure through the adversity they face.