About Us - How Affirmative Gear was Born

On July 5, 2018, I hiked up the tallest mountain I’d ever been on. Mt. Barcroft, in central California (near the border with Nevada), is a splendid 13,041 foot adventure into Inyo County’s, White Mountain chain and I was searching for a geocache that was supposed to be at the top. Since I lived at sea level, the hike was not an easy one. As it was, I believed myself to be in the 3rd best shape of my life and if it weren’t for this, I probably would have succumbed to the altitude and hard negotiating of the many uneven rocks along the way. After I paused near the top every 100 feet or so to catch my breath (I was in my 50’s after all), I made it to the peak and was rewarded with a spectacular, almost 360 degree view of Owens Valley, the Sierra Nevada mountain chain and White Mountain - the 6th tallest mountain in the state. Oh, did I mention I also found a large ammo-can sized geocache who’s log had not been signed in a year? ;-)

Originally, I was in the area because I was exploring where the oldest trees in the world live, the ancient Bristlecone Pines. Still beaming from my victory hike the day before, I did the hour and a half trek down to the 8,800’ elevation, Methuselah Grove. It is here, where, “Methuselah”, the oldest known living tree in the world is located. That’s right. It’s older than Jesus, older than the Gyza Pyramids and “Methuselah” is confirmed to still be alive at 4,856 years young.

"Methuselah Grove" - Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Bishop, CA

Feeling the amazing and positive energy there, I took a break and meditated amongst these warped, twisted and beautiful creatures. In silence, I remember asking, “Is there anything I should know? What should I learn from you?” The words, “Endurance Through Adversity”, were given to me. Little did I know, a mere year later, I would need these words more than ever when my body suffered the catastrophic effects of a spinal cord injury.


Fast-forward three years later, I still mostly get around in a wheelchair, but through grueling physical therapy, I have graduated up to walking short distances with the use of a walker and leg braces. Throughout this experience, I still deal with debilitating bouts of depression, muscle strength loss, spasms, bladder and bowel issues, loneliness and daily pain. I’ve cried oceans of tears, swore at God and thought about doing away with the pins and needles, heat and heaviness feeling in my legs for good. I finally came to the realization I had to get back into society to properly heal.

Affirmative Gear was born from these experiences in my life and while I endure through this adversity, it’s what I learn from others that help propel me forward. I recently learned from former Navy SEAL, Brandon Webb, that, “Adversity always produces massive opportunity.” That quote got me thinking that, yes, everyone does have a story about how they’ve faced life’s trials and tribulations. It’s how they dealt with them and then grew stronger from them that I love to hear about. Because, just as success leaves clues, if something worked for you, then maybe the same could work for me.

So, as I share with you some empowering thoughts of how I endure through my injury, allow me to gently remind you that you, too are strong. You too, are powerful. Wear Affirmative Gear and fly into and through challenges and grow. Wear Affirmative Gear and affirm and re-affirm to yourself (and others!) that you champion over challenges. Wear Affirmative Gear and STEP UP!  Be that shining example of positive action and allow me and the Affirmative Gear brand to inspire you, as you inspire others, every step of the way.

Thank you and God Bless,


Owner & Founder of Affirmative Gear