The Official Affirmative Gear Line

Do you like my logo?  That's me with my arms stretched out feeling the joy of freedom atop the tallest rock in the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, outside of Los Angeles, CA.  This site is home to beautiful outcrops of unique, tall rocks and not coincidentally, dozens and dozens of commercials, TV shows and movies.  Chances are you've seen these rocks somewhere before.  Fortunately, there were no productions on the day we were there or else the main rocks would have been closed down.

I hope the logo brings a sense of wonder and happiness as you imagine looking at a warm sun against a crisp, blue sky.  This, enlivened by a comfortable light breeze in your face and an internal feeling of being at one with...everything.  Haven't you ever experienced a day or two where you feel so alive and grateful and at harmony with the world and with yourself?  This is how I felt when this photo was taken.  Recall a day like this in your life and when someone asks you about Affirmative Gear and the logo, you'll have an emotional and rapturous tale to tell.